The L2 that solves blockchain’s impossible triangle

The benefits of AliceNet

Bridge directly between L2s

As the interlayer between chains, AliceNets enables interoperability.

With AliceNet, you can exchange assets, identities and proof of identities between chains.

The benefits of AliceNet

Use datastores over smart contracts

AliceNet provides the custom smart contracts you need to onboard quickly — without sacrificing security or budget.

Use datastores that are efficient, cost-effective and easy to prove, then commit back to your chain of choice.

The benefits of AliceNet

Flex with

AliceNet combines the speed and cost benefits from optimistic rollups with the security of ZK rollups into a unique hybrid UTXO model.

UTXOs do not infringe upon speed but make transactions more secure.

What you can do with AliceNet

Open order book marketplaces

Build no-risk, no-loss Web3 marketplaces with AliceNet’s UTXO architecture and partial transactions, which means only paying fees when a transaction is completed.

State Channel-powered security and savings

When you move activities from Ethereum to AliceNet, our native multisig and expiring datastores ensure maximum cost-effectiveness on transactions before commiting back to mainnet.

Secure Web3 PKI

With AliceNet’s compact state proofs, state rent, and UTXO datastores, you can create cost-effective and secure Web3 PKIs and pay only for the duration of storage time you need.

Implement identity and KYC across chains

Primitive and certificate model-enabled KYC are made possible with our AliceNet identities, backed by proofs and supported by more than self-attestation.

AliceNet network updates

TxHash rework
Partial transactions
Third party onboarding for validators

Our Discord is home to AliceNet users, investors and enthusiasts.

Get started! Read our guide or take up an issue on our GitHub.

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