Designed to enable trusted transactions and verifiable proofs of data across web3.

AliceNet is a layer 2 Proof-of-Stake blockchain with a UTXO model. Originally built to solve long-standing issues in the AdTech space, AliceNet’s potential is infinite.

We believe AliceNet can become the underlying utility layer to power everything from voting protocols to state channels to payment channels to bridges.

Our values guide us every step

Elevate  existence

Elevate existence

Technology needs to be more than lines of code. We strive to build technology that can one day help improve lives worldwide in a meaningful way.

Explore, fearlessly

Explore, fearlessly

We believe in exploring unchartered territories, expanding our knowledge and improving today with the solutions of tomorrow.

Think big, act fast

Think big, act fast

We’re an ambitious team in an exciting new space. We strive to innovate and build value within the blockchain industry and beyond.

About AliceNet

What’s in a name?

“Alice” has been a universal prompt in research papers on cryptographic systems and PKIs since the 1970s, as in “Bob and Alice each have a secret, SB and SA, which they want to exchange”. We wanted to capture the spirit of cryptographic history by naming our blockchain AliceNet.

Meet the team

Adam Helfgott
Founder & CEO
Matt Barlin
Lloyd Moore
SVP of Engineering
Troy Salem
VP of Engineering
Christopher Gorman
Lead Cryptographer
Adam Gibbons
Lead Front-end Engineer

Our Discord is home to AliceNet users, investors and enthusiasts.

Get started! Read our guide or take up an issue on our GitHub.

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